Thursday, March 7, 2013

Getting Ready

This past weekend my best gardening buddy Sophia and I started a few seeds inside that need 8 to 10 weeks before planting outside.  As you can see by my photos, I have set up my indoor "Shrine" and I'm raring to  go!

Last year I started some of my seeds in last year's left over plastic 6 pack containers that seedlings from the previous year had come in that I steralized, and  many in the cardboard like seed starters.  Then I one day I spotted one of the little plastic boxes my grape tomatoes and spinach came in, and thought to myself "that is a mini green house!"  They were perfect.  In the past I have used egg cartons, but found those got mildewy too fast, but those lovely little plastic boxes are perfect.

So far I've started corn, catnip, spaghetti squash, eggplant, and some peppers.   Now if the weather would just cooperate I'm ready to start cleaning the yard.  Unfortunately, this week's forecast doesn't seem to be cooperating with my desires.  Oh well, there's still plenty we can do now in the planning stages.  If you haven't already read Mommy Melissa's post on garden planning, check it out, she shared a great link!

Happy gardening!



  1. Hi Mary,
    Nice to think about gardening during a snow storm! I have questions about lighting. I have tried to grow plants from seeds but the plants turn out a little leggy. I'm sure that this is from insufficient lighting. Can you recommend an inexpensive grow light? How many hrs a day should the light be on? Do different plants require different amounts of light ? Thanks, Debbie C.

  2. glad you are having fun. my focus this year will be on growing and using herbs. thank you for this post, martha

  3. Hi Debbie--I use fixtures and florescent lights from Ace in Rockport (they probably have them at the Gloucester Ace too). They sell full spectrum florescent lights that are designed for plants/animals. I have a wire rack and hang the lights from them with chains and S hooks. The lights should be on for around 8 hours once seeds germinate. All seedlings can take the same amount of light. -Lara

  4. I got mine at Ace too. I have a cool stand with florescent light called "Jump Start". I think I paid about $25 for it. I'm planning on purchasing a second one this week.

  5. Thanks ladies! Debbie