Monday, April 8, 2013


Hello all of you Cape Ann Backyard Growers!  It is so exciting to see how many new families have committed to grow their own food this year!  Welcome!  And welcome back to all the Backyard Growers alum, and all of our friends and neighbors her on Cape Ann who love gardening as much as we do!

I have been quite lax in sitting down to chronicle my gardening journey thus far this year, but I am here today to recommit to drop by and share my story every week.  As much as I'd like to think that everyone wants to see and hear everything that I'm doing (said tongue firmly embedded in cheek), wouldn't it be great to see what other folks are up to?  I'm looking for a few, no, several, or even many people and families who would be willing to drop by once in awhile and share your experience.

This isn't my blog, nor is it even Lara's, but it's OUR blog, for everyone and anyone who wants to share, bounce ideas, ask questions, give advice, or even just post some photos.  I would love to find a couple of children who would be willing to document their experience, and share what they love and don't love about growing.  Perhaps their are some folks out there who may not be comfortable writing about their experience, but would be willing to post some photos now and then.  Wouldn't it be fun to have somebody do a photo essay of their garden?  Just post us a picture of your garden every couple of weeks, so we can share in your growing experience.  We need some experienced growers to post too, we want and need to learn from your experience!

We want to hear from you!  Of course we also love the folks that just want to come by and see what's going on with others that are gardening on Cape Ann.  Ask yourself this:

* Do I have or know a child who would enjoy blogging and sharing their experience?
* Am I brand new to gardening and want a place to ask questions, and share my triumphs?
* Do I enjoy taking pictures, and would I be willing to post some?
* Am I an experienced gardener who would enjoy blogging about my gardening?
* Can I offer advice and help to answer questions for other gardeners?
* Do I enjoy writing, and would love to have a welcome place to share my writing on topics that would interest gardeners?
* Am I willing to put myself out there to help grow this blog, and help other gardeners connect?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then please email me at, so I can set you up to be a contributor to the blog!

Happy Gardening!



  1. Suuuuch a SHE...!!! Giggle... (you've got whitewash in your hair, Tom... *Grin*)

  2. I love sharing on this site! I've had several questions answered, and its been so helpful. I can't wait to see what other people will be growing this year!