Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Our little garden on busy Eastern Ave!

Here is my son standing in front of our garden on Eastern Ave.   Our tomatoes have gone crazy, and I was definitely not prepared for all the staking they would need.  They quickly outgrew their standard size small tomato cage, and I've started using anything and everything that I can find to keep them upright!  My tomatoes are already starting to ripen, however some of them are splitting (see the picture below).  Why is this happening?  Can anyone tell me?

After catching 2 groundhogs in our yard (in a have-a-heart trap), I am now starting to see cucumbers, and Minnesota Midget cantaloupe melons appearing!  

I also have some valencia onions growing, but they are small (about the size of a ping pong balls) and sticking out of the ground a bit.  Does anyone know when I should pull them up?  Are they supposed to stick up out of the dirt like that?

Thanks for checking out this post, and I appreciate any help you can offer me!


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    1. Thank you! I really can not explain how grateful I am to be part of this program. I absolutely LOVE my garden, and continue to be amazed by what we are growing and harvesting!

  2. I think the tomatoes split when the watering has been uneven. They still taste fine. I know nothing about onions but it inspires me to want to plant some.

    1. I have hear its from over watering? Either way, it seems that watering is the issue! I feel like I've been consistent with watering, but maybe not? Maybe the rain plays a part too?

  3. I had also read last year that splitting tomatoes are from uneven watering. Some of ours are doing that also, but I watered on a regular schedule, even watering each plant for about the same amount of time...I was wondering if it was from some of our early drenching rains after which I did not water for days for fear of rotting roots. I consider myself a new-be at gardening as it has been years since we had a serious garden. Loving lots about this! By the way, I enjoyed the squash "before and after" pictures...the plants looked so happy/healthy in the after shot. Martha Perry

  4. onions are ready when the tops start to turn brown and fall down....
    unless they are fresh-eating onions (like scallions)

  5. Next year, I want to try potatoes!