Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Get these seedlings out of my driveway

The Backyard Growers Program has extra seedlings (mainly tomatoes, possibly tomatillos, peppers, eggplant, basil). 
  • If you are a current Backyard Grower WHO HASN'T PICKED UP YET I will put your seedlings on the picnic table in the backyard for you to pick up whenever you want over the next couple of days. If I'm home I can give you seeds too--just knock on the door.
  • All other current Backyard Growers or Garden Mentors please feel free to swing by, whenever, in the next couple of days to help yourself to extra seedlings as supplies last.
  • If you are a past Backyard Grower and/or a friend of the Beacon Street Farm you are welcome to buy plants for $1 a piece. Proceeds support the Backyard Growers Program. Pay by the honor system by putting money in the jar, which will be on our landing by the side door. 
I may or may not be around so everything is self service! Extra plants will be composted and/or fed to the chickens on Friday!

The Beacon Street Farm (9 Beacon St.) is "pass at your own risk" - please watch your step! Also, please do not park anywhere near my neighbor's driveway (across from us on Wells Street).

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